Whether you need joists for an extension or a office block DJR can provide a structurally engineered solution for your project.


Our engineered floor joists offer the following benefits:

  • Open Web Design - This allows for easier more practical installation of services including waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating pipes and other services. Also, no hole locating or drilling, limits any possibility of incorrect workmanship and reduces labour costs.
  • Light and Easy to Handle.
  • Long Continuous Spans - Reducing or eliminating the need for intermediate support walls.
  • Long Term Stability - The reduced sections used in the manufacture of the Easi Joist combined with the metal web means; less moisture loss and shrinkage is experienced giving a quieter and longer lasting floor system.
  • Reduced Site Wastage - Precisely manufactured Easi Joists virtually eliminate all site alterations and standard timber sizes ensure materials are readily available.
  • Improved Sound and Vibration - The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid Strongback that reduces vibration and improves the overall performance of the floor.
  • Increased Spacing/Centres
  • Trimmable Ends - To facilitate installation where bearing support is inconsistent.
  • Stiffness And Strength - Built into the floors improving floor rigidity.